Securus Technologies: The Company Standing Out In Prison Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that is known to stand out in the field of communications services. The company has been in the business for an extremely extended period during which they have offered their services to thousands of inmates all over the country. The company has been working since the beginning to provide some of the best services no matter what. This ability to offer nothing short of the very best is what has helped the company, giving it the impetus that it needed to grow and become one of the top players in the sector. Of all the communications providers in the entire country, Securus Technologies is the one that by far has some of the best standards implemented for their customers.


Securus Technologies underwent a massive shift when it changed its managerial staff in 2008. At the time, T-Netix and Securus Technologies were both tied at the number one position in the industry. Since the prison industry is much smaller than one would think, there is not that much scope for expansion. With that in mind, the company decided that it would enter into a merger with T-Netix to establish a one of a kind service that covers the entirety of America without the harsh competition. This also allowed the company to gain a monopoly of the prison market in America, allowing them to dictate their terms of service.


The company today stands as one of the best in the field. Securus Technologies not only provides its services to the prisons in America but a few in Canada as well. The company is currently being led by Rick Smith who is someone who is extremely proficient with the industry and knows how to run a business. He has paved the way for the company, sending them in a direction that is favorable to them.



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