Bridget Scarr: The Accomplished producer and a writer

As a creative and productive writer, Bridget Scarr has a high affinity for producing quality content that has no limit about different platforms. She produces writings for all media including television, digital content, augmented reality, virtual reality together with the interactive exhibition. Her excellent projects reverberate with an enormous audience in intellect and emotion.


Bridget Scarr also has a fifteen years experience in production, and she is a seasoned producer in television and animation and advertisements. Bridget Scarr has been with the responsibility of managing teams of between five to two hundred and twenty people. The teams had to be very productive and creative in development as well as giving a proper output in spanning drama, entertainment, children’s animation, factual entertainment program, and lifestyle.


Bridget Scarr is presently at the Colibri Studios where she acts as a leader in development, strategy, and partnerships. She is currently overseeing developments in collaboration with international broadcasters, partners and creative talents to bring a project to life.


Bridget Scarr developed the idea to work at the Colibri Studios as she wanted a house for her ideation Colibri could house all her ideas under one roof with no regard to whether they are drama, exhibition projects, augmented reality or virtual reality, traditional television project or digital content.


What makes Bridget Scarr so successful is the fact that she understands that every project is unique and has different initial inspirations. For instance, she is now working on an augmented reality that involves connecting users to history by stories of every day and of people who lived in it. It brings together both factual and scripted information since the application requires monument or landmarks to give the user full information of what exactly happened. It more over immerses the user into the narrative to make them understand the reality of the story and really what people underwent. This kind of project involves real people and their background and community of origin making the history relatable.


Bridget Scarr must then have in mind what would be required of him to accomplish this project. She requires having a sound knowledge of the history and the evocative landmarks. After this, it follows real collection stories of the people that lived that time and then come up with stories that can create an emotional response from the audience. With all this information then, Bridget Scarr requires settling with a team of partners to realize the history. Bridget Scarr says that to move from an idea to project completion can take from months to years.


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