James Larkin popularly referred by his friends as the Big Jim was a native of Liverpool, England. He was however raised in Ireland where his parents later moved. He played a huge role especially as investments unionist. His year of birth is said to have been on 21st of January in 1876.

James Larkin widely worked as a dedicated activist who strongly endeavored in fighting for the equal treatment of laborers. He was duly chosen to take part in trade union in 1905, acting as the union’s activities organizer.

His primary dream was to always play part in creating a platform that catered for the rights of workers. In association with Connolly James in 1912, they started the started the Irish labor party.

In 1913, the party led greater than 100,000 laborers in striking for nearly seven months, in the process getting justice for all inclusive job employment.

James Larkin’s main approach when fighting for worker’s rights was the use of peaceful demonstrations and skipping of work, which in turn prompted for peaceful problem resolutions by the companies or the government at large.

He moved to the United States in 1914, participating in a tour aimed at offering lectures. While in the United States, he continued with his efforts in of anticipating for fairness in employee hiring through getting involved in serving world industrial workers union. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

The loose of his best friend James Connolly, prompted him to create a socialist club with Connolly’s name to serve as his remembrance in 1918 with its offices in New York.

He moved back to Ireland in 1924, where he once again founded another union, while at the same time getting inclusion as a member to the Irish labor party a few years later.

James Larkin has remained as a celebrated person in trade union as well as labor unions from his early days up to the day he died in 1947, 30th of January.

James Larkin always ensured that he fully pledged his services to the workers and traders whenever he got that chance. His strong will to oversee justice prevailing in all aspects was reflected while in the United States when he was convicted in 1920 for leading workers in striking.

His formation of workers union got international reputation most importantly for advocating for rights of workers. He used inventive methods such as poetry in order to deliver message to the concerned members of the society both in Ireland and all over the globe.

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