The Successful Career Of One Of Israel’s Most Popular Envoys Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub presented his credentials when he met the Queen. This was so much more than the paper the Government in Jerusalem had given him but the way he bowed his head and his excellence in his style and clothing.

He was born in 1962 in Britain, a leading diplomat, and an Orthodox Jew. The Queen inquired how he felt about being the represenitive for the country he had immigrated to since she knew he had given up his citizenship in Britain.

Daniel Taub’s reply was elegant and he spoke of his privilege in raising his children in the homeland he had been exiled from for 2,000 years. His desire was to bring back the closeness between the countries. After four years he saw his desire becoming a reality. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub has been Israel’s most popular and successful envoy since the shooting of Shlomo Argov in 1982 in London. He has placed Israel’s case in front of the government, been in the center of numerous crises, appeared on Newsnight and Today, and helped both the United Kingdom and Israel. Britain is an important county to Israel and he simply tries to make people understand the correlation of the two countries.

Daniel Taub is also concerned with the turmoil in the Middle East. He understands the complexity of the situation and believes we have no right to dictate their actions inside of the country.

He feels the region must be treated with humility and see if they can be influenced. He has stated Iran’s nuclear capabilities are a pressing concern and have serious implications including the money they will generate.

Daniel Taub is reassured by the help the United States has given Israel with the newest technology. He additionally sees the similarities between the British Labour Party and the Labour Party in Israel and believes this can lead to establishing closer relations.

He understands an Israeli-Palestinian accommodation will be difficult due to the upheavals and terrorist groups on their borders. He believe Israel requires security and must continue their fight against anti-Semitism. Daniel Taub’s career has focused on international law and Israeli diplomacy.

He has not experienced any problems from being Orthodox and puts in the effort to keep Shabbat and eat kosher. He believes faith leads to the opportunity to open pathways to other countries. He also said nobody has ever made a comment on his kippah and he often forgets it is even there.

Prior to Daniel Taub presenting his credentials to the Queen he inquired of the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps if he would be allowed to recite the blessing for meeting with a monarch.

When asked how much time this would take he replied approximately four seconds. He was told this would be all right.

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