Magnificent Brazil with JHSF and Jos Auriemo Neto

Real estate market in Brazil is booming. One of the leading companies in real estate in Brazil is JHSF. They work in the sectors with significant income. The company works in residential developments and business units. They have the experience and the knowledge in the Brazilian market. Everything from shopping centers to hotels and even airports. There is no project too big or too small JHSF has not tackled since their first day on the playground.

Venture Near and Far

They took their first fledgling steps in 1972 and grew from small projects to big ones. The team knows how to identify potential new projects and good investment opportunities. Real estate market requires companies to take risks. JHSF is not afraid to use innovation and technology to their advantage. They build up infrastructure. Their projects come with long term benefits for the residents.

The operations in Manaus, Salvador and Sao Paulo include hotels, malls, and restaurants. The buildings are now part of the pulse of the cities. They have shifted their attention to projects guaranteeing recurring income. This re-thinking of targets grew both – the reputation and the revenue.

Smart Leadership

At the helm of the company is JosĂ© Auriemo Neto. This executive from Brazil looks after the company’s interests in every project. He also manages the portfolio of retail real estate. One of their projects is the Ponta Negra shopping center located in Manaus. They have agreements with retail brands like Pucci and Jimmy Choo. In 2009 they opened the first retail spots in Cidade Jadrim complex. The company developed this complex and currently manage it.

He graduated from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University. Auriemo Neto started working for the company in 1993. In 1998 they landed their first big project. It was in Shopping Santa Cruz and looked after the project with success.

The company took off under his leadership. They are always looking for the next exciting project to tackle. It grew the company and established its reputation. It also helped the communities as well. Building up infrastructure is important in all parts of Brazil.

Development and renovation in Brazil go hand in hand. This is strengthening the community and building up the economy.

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