Why Securus Technologies Helps me Sleep at Night

Let’s face it, a prison or correctional institution is never a fun place to be. Whether being held there, working there or visiting, there are always dangers associated when people convicted of crimes or accused of crimes are held together in a common space.


Many of the dangers I never realized stemmed from mobile phones being brought into prisons. Mobile phones are called contraband because they are technically illegal and are similar to bringing in drugs, alcohol or other items that will lead to general harm.


Securus Technologies is a prison securities company based out of Dallas Texas that specializes in battling the dangers that can come from contraband mobile phones, among a variety of other services and technology they offer.


In a recent PR Newswire article, real clients wrote in to share their experiences in using Securus Technologies systems and the results they saw. Here are some examples:


  • One police organization tracked and confiscated over a million dollars worth of drugs and other illicit materials by using location tracking services.
  • Recorded phone calls revealed prison drug use, alcohol use, violence and opened the door to solve a shooting.
  • When correctional officers are accused of a crime, one client uses Securus Technology to paint a better picture of what really happened during the incident.
  • A recorded conversation revealed a man convicted of shooting someone else trying to stir up a false alibi.
  • An emergency response measure helped one facility apprehend a suspect immediately with the help of Securus Technology.


It may be just me, but I think the incorporation of technologies like these are fascinating. I often worry about crime outside of prison walls, but knowing that something is being done to prevent crime within prisons by using such advanced technology gives me a great deal of comfort.


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