The idealistic Statesman in the Texas Regional Mobility Authority

An American statesman in Austin once argued of the increased traffic congestion in Texas region. He said solving the problem could only be achieved through a tech solution. Texas Regional Mobility Authority Mike Heiligenstein thanked the statesman for recognizing and addressing the traffic issue. He further added that, the 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park had transformed the community exponentially and as a result U.S 290 Toll road was built. The road was built to join Austin and Manor, which tripled the previous capacity of the previous read. He further clarified that they were not a private company, but a local and accountable agency that was established by the people of Travis and Williamson counties. The Texas Mobility Authority addressed their mission saying that, the new MoPac lanes that were being built will institute variable tolling that included the latest technology in traffic management. However, there were concerns the traffic menace could not be eliminated since the MoPac footprint was not big enough.



The Regional Mobility Authority said the 183 South project being built between US 290 and the airport, would be a “Smart Road” with smart lanes that could detect cars going in a wrong way. He also confirmed that they had partnered with Metropia Company that will create a mobile traffic app that will be integrated with their traffic monitoring systems. In addition, they partnered with Carma, a carpooling application that will encourage commuters to share the empty seats in their vehicles. The statesman mentioned on one of the key problems facing the community which is, congestion created by start and stop drivers in highways. He proposed on the provision of highway emergency response to provide free roadside assistance. Mike Heiligenstein concluded by saying that this was a bright way to start solving the traffic menace facing Texas. Texas Department of Transportation, cities of central Texas and anyone interested in assisting in the fight against traffic problem, are some of the targeted groups they planned to partner. Furthermore, he concluded by saying that, since they lived there and drove the roads there; it was their job to end the menace.


Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He has served since 2003, and has been recognized nationally as a leader in toll road operations. Under his leadership, the agency developed its first toll road 183A; this has seen the introduction of video billing and electronic tolling operations. Heiligensteins 30years as a public official has seen the introduction of many successful projects that has boosted the transportation service to greater heights. Mike is an alumnus of the University of Texas with a degree in Government and a Masters in both Government and Business Administration. His exceptional skill has seen him being called upon to speak nationally about transportation and how to solve the problems involved.


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