Join A Secure Inmate Calling Network By Becoming A Part Of Securus Technologies

Innovative technology associated with Securus Technologies allowed their customers to detect irregularities and immediately report them to officials to avoid increased fees. They were proud to have a platform that allows their customers to give feedback and get answers to important questions. Securus Technologies quickly fixed these errors to ensure that their customers would receive every minute that is guaranteed under their service agreement. You can get many features that are available through individual tabs listed on their website. You can register for many features and services with a valid debit or credit card, if you’re over the age of eighteen.


Who Is Securus Technologies?


Their technology advances allowed them to spot a few irregularities associated with competitor network Global Tel-Link. Global Tel-Link quickly corrected these irregularities and offered complimentary services to their Louisiana customers for a limited time. Securus has also partnered with other like minded professionals that include JPay Services and Vimeo. You get more features that will allow you to communicate with your love ones in a correctional facility and spend less money in comparison to other networks.


Customer Features


Telephone Pay Services


You can pay for many features over the telephone by having a valid debit or credit card and registering through their 800 number. This feature means that you never have to leave home to locate an authorized inmate calling provider.


Inmate Photos Online


You can leave a photo for inmate’s online that must be approved by their correctional facility. If it is approved, they can view the photo online and print out a tangible copy. Join Securus Technologies today and save more while getting more ways to communicate to your love ones in a correctional facility.


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  1. Securus Technologies got their start as a high profile inmate communications network regulator that was responsible for surveillance and monitoring. That might be reasonably priced resume writers and I know for sure that these things are working for them all too.

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