Igor Cornelsen Gives You Tips On Investing In Brazil

Who Is Igor Cornelsen?

Mr. Igor Cornelsen is a famous American investor who has successfully invested in the South American nation of Brazil. His resume includes working for and guiding major Brazilian banks towards greater profitability and stability even when the global economy was on a decline. Igor Cornelsen has served as an executive at Brazilian financial institutions and also a major adviser to them.

Igor Cornelsen is now semi-retired and lives in South Florida. His hobbies include playing golf and enjoying the tropical beaches of the sunshine state. Another one of his hobbies is mentoring young investors, providing financial advice and making the occasional financial investment on behalf of a client portfolio or himself at Bainbridge Investments on WordPress. Below are some of Igor’s tips for making smart investment in Brazil.

If you plan on investing in raw materials such as timber, or precious metals, then you are well advised to pay attention to the Chinese economy on prnewswire.com. A strong Chinese economy will generally stimulate demand for Brazilian raw materials to be used for Chinese manufacturers. A weak Chinese economy will often have the opposite effect.

Another word of advice from Cornelsen is to look at the 10 biggest players of Brazil’s financial system on SnapPages. What Igor is talking about is major banks that have a lot of sway in Brazil’s financial system. They include institutions such as Banco Itau, Banco Bradesco and BTG Pactual. Monitor what these banks are doing. The activities of these banks at http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/ can often signal whether the Brazilian economy is expanding, shrinking or growing through a freeze in capital. You also want to see where these banks are investing money in and see if it is indeed a good investment for yourself as well.

Brazilian’s love to talk and are very social says Igor Cornelsen. The nation is also full of entrepreneurs. Igor says to talk and not be surprised if you find out about a wonderful opportunity through a conversation with Brazilians. This is one way of discovering hidden gems that the big banks and other investors have no idea about.

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