The Future Direction of Cancer Research and Oncotarget

Evidence-based research studies in finding a cure for cancer are essential to advance the field of oncology. New developments and improved methods for successful treatment increase survival rates for patients who rely on the advanced knowledge of cancer specialists, the primary role of oncologists. It is imperative for them to stay current on cancer research around the globe.

According to Dove Press, the peer-reviewed, open access journal, Oncotarget, was established in 2010 and is published weekly by Impact Journals. has been a valuable asset for medical professionals since 2010. Oncotarget has two editors-in-chief, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who are both researchers and scientists at Roswell Park Center Institute in Buffalo, New York.

Extensive research and dedication to effective cancer treatments continue to earn accolades for this renowned medical institution. Top priorities include higher rates of survival and quality of life for their patients, along with a continuous search for innovative solutions.

Box Bio reported that by bringing many of the best scientific minds together through information-sharing and knowledge, Oncotarget provides a greater opportunity for these objectives. The promise of an effective cure for cancer may be just around the corner. Open discussion and open access among researchers around the world increases the chances for this important discovery in many ways.

While oncology is the primary focus of Oncotarget, the multi-factorial aspects of cancer also means that researchers study related issues. Clinical research studies in cancer treatment plans may focus on psychological or nutritional factors that impact patients who are faced with a cancer diagnosis.

Today’s oncologists need to know about current research in all of these areas, in addition to professional expertise in pharmaceutical and surgical treatment plans. The future direction of cancer research includes a wide range of options for patients.

In any given publication of Oncotarget, professionals will find a range of informative articles on the results of clinical trials, as well as significant findings and discussion.

Articles may include the association between age-related factors and cancer, genetic and environmental components, and other scientific advances that inform cancer research today.


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