Introducing Don Ressler of Fabletics: A Visionary Fashion Entrepreneur


Being health conscious is the in-thing among millennials nowadays. No wonder, thousands of people are now hooked to wearing the stylish and comfortable yoga pants from Fabletics. Practicing yoga yields fantastic outcomes on their personal and professional lives. Experts predict the valuation of the yoga pants industry will soar upwards to clock the $100 Billion mark in the next three years.


Costs of Yoga Pants


Today, it’s common to witness individuals trading in their used clothes for the yoga apparel by Fabletics.  The company is the brainchild of Don Ressler and the lovely Kate Hudson. VIP outfits currently retail for $49.95.


Working out at the Office


A unique aspect of this concept is how it is in cooperated into the office routine. In stark contrast with the other exercise clothing, these hoodies and pant can be worn to work. This particular move has caused the franchise to win over the hearts of many cooperation’s who now encourage their staff to adorn the Fabletics apparels.


Fabletics belongs to a parent company called JustFab. The CEO Don Ressler heads both companies. In the previous financial year, the conglomerate companies under JustFab raked in a massive revenue totaling to $500 million.


A Million Dollar Idea is born


Speaking in a recent interview, Don was quoted saying that he and the wife, Ginger, have always been passionate about working out. They both used to work out in their college years. One slight issue that arose from that point was that there were no comfortable and fashionable clothing for the fans of exercising.


Together with his business partner and friend, Adam Goldenberg, they decided to upset that horrible trend by coming up with their different yoga pants. Soon after, they got introduced to Kate Hudson, who it also turned out, was also a huge fanatic of doing yoga.


Since then, the firm has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. They recently launched a stylish men’s clothing line dubbed FL2. The franchise seeks to expand and grow to one day becoming a household brand in the fashion industry.


About Don Ressler


Don is a serial investor with a stake in a significant number of start-ups and ventures. These include Intelligent Beauty, Intermix Media, Alena Media and other successful e-commerce businesses.  You can follow along with his fashion brand at the Don Ressler on Internet Retailer page.

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